Thursday, July 1, 2010


All pictures by Ludvig

So Ludvig and I have fallen into the whole Tumblr thing. I mostly reblog photos (the link is here: twoeggsinsnow) and Ludvig actually posts his work on his tumblr. I love his work, really I do. Not only do I love his photography (he always takes pictures of things that I would never think to photograph... even really unattractive things, and in the end they always turn out really beautiful and appealing.. He just says 'It's because of that plastic lens yo.' Liar.) but he is the best at collaging. Fact. Since we both like to collage we sometimes do it on random mornings or afternoons. Ludvig will bring out this big box filled with magazines and we will sit there in silence with our exacto knives and glue sticks in hand for hours listening to music (some of my favorite times btw). But unlike my collages, which are usually overtly sexual and filled with blonde haired models and pictures of fur... not the most interesting... Ludvig's collages are pastiches of bizarre and unrelated images that always turn out to be copasetic. He even makes a cliche picture from Dwell look interesting...and not just because it is a photograph of a house that is only made out of eco friendly triangles. I feel like if you look at his work all together, his photography, drawings, collages...(rave-in-a-box)... whatever it may be, a phantasmagorical version of the way he thinks manifests. If I didn't love his work so much I would probably be jealous... I actually kind of am.

You must check his tumblr: thewarroom

Also from the House of Romanoff, Ludvig showed me his sister's tumblr: zanopticon. If you are looking for a blog that is both enjoyable to read (more than just a photobloggen) AND consistently updated then you should check it out.


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