Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Thank you alex

I know:
I don't have a picture of him because honestly I think it's almost impossible to find one of him on the internet. But that isn't important because I am sure he would rather find images then get ones of him taken. This is okay because honestly I think he is one of the best at finding images. If you go to his blog and you will see this. And you'll like his blog because you'll like the way he sees things. I don't think I've met a person who doesn't find it interesting. Because I don't have a picture of him I'll just have to show you one that reminds me of him. I think this next picture captures him well. I do not know what that thing is but it's an extension of the eye so it's fitting:
We used to be good friends, but then we weren't anymore. We reconnected recently and since then I have wanted to ask him:
But we talked today about how people can haunt us when all of our emotions for them are gone and they are just an image and I realized it didn't matter where he had been because he's just one of those people I connect with and that is important. If you want to know a fact, I think that even when him and I are on horrible terms we are still sharing images, music, new, links (whatever is captivating us) and I think that's a rare thing to come by. The conversation looked like this next image but we weren't talking about each other and we weren't picking favorites:
But I guess in a way since we have started talking again:
What I am really trying to say is thank you Alex for the extremely nice blogpost. If you think about it my blog wouldn't have a great portion of the images on it you weren't around (in the cybernetics way) and it is nice to have talked with you again.


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