Thursday, January 7, 2010

Two eggs in snow for real

So I spent some time taking pictures of two eggs in snow:
I left the cracked eggshells and the egg yolks in the snow where Axel plays. Hopefully this won't hurt him. if he isn't supposed to eat raw egg and does, well that is what he gets for unravelling a whole ball of my yarn, chewing through it, and then whining when he is all tangled in it.

After taking pictures of two eggs in snow, I came to my bed and worked on my computer. I even took pictures of it:

Moving on from my bed and eggs in snow, to pictures I stole from places I cannot remember (sorry about that), probably Alex, and I am sure ffffound:

I would like to have this tattoo for five minutes:
Also, I cannot help myself. I try to be tranquil really I do. Like this picture:
But the truth is I'm a wild fox. Jokes! I'm a wild cat.
Not everyone can be perfect like Natalia:
I try to be, but really I'm usually just like this picture:
But when I HAVE to calm down, I go to my white space. Thank you annoying.

Ps I saw the jankest phone booth ever today. It was out of control to me. I find it really weird to see people using phone booths... because first of all it is a piece of technology that should be extinct (it's not like a talk boy where it is pretty great if you still have one from 1992), secondly you have to touch the phone inside, third... why wouldn't you just use your cell phone (and if you don't have a cell phone that is a little weird to me... a little anti-cyborg... anti-cybernetics.. isn't that a fun word?), and lastly people pee in phone booths (case in point). I am already scared of phone booths, but this one didn't even have a phone inside. How horrifying is that?

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