Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New years, the longest blog post ever

Sam and I were trapped in NYC for another day because we got snowed out of Vermont.
New years:
Cleaning My Computer With Annoying: A Documentary:
Me and you as grey kittens:
Now I am going to copy your blog post. I do not know if that picture was actually you as a child or one you found on the internet but it definitely is you. I think we were both out of control as children but in very different ways. Also, I think if we are out of control now we must have always been. Here is me for real:
But even though I'm out of control, I've always had my eyes on the prize (pills..kidding!).
A picture I think is quite pleasant. The rest of David Benjamin Sherry's photography kind of creeps me but I do enjoy some of it:
And ffffound does talking for me loads.... When I looked through the folder titled 'words' it was filled mostly with words about missing someone and love and all emotions involved. This was an exception:
This one feels stolen:
This one is most of the time:
For real:

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