Monday, December 21, 2009


A view from outside my window the morning after the snow storm.
Trying to catch a cab a little later so we could take the train back home to Vermont.
The train station kind of wears me out.
This afternoon Sam decided to wake me up at three. I look so appealing.
My new jacket from Urban Outfitters (it seemed to be the only place with a military style jacket) and shoes from Opening Ceremony. Axel joined.
Vermont is freezing.
Today I bought these two prints from Kitty Genius, one of my favorite bloggers and illustrators. I am excited about them.
I want to hang them behind my bed I think. I will be there soon!
Now back to the Stepford Wives which I found on TV. xx

Oh and you should check this blog (even if my posts on it are usually on here too):
snowwed out BITCH

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