Saturday, October 24, 2009

Strange things will happen if you let them

The beginning of last night in pictures:
Somehow this:
Turned into this:
Which turned into this (this situation was actually NOT sexual at all... it looks very naughty to me. "Million Dollar Bill," the gay beat of the night and most likely the next two weeks, probably came on just before we took this picture and we all formed to this):
Matthew looks so dreamy to me here:
Thank you to Coco for taking all of the pictures!
And in the morning I just couldn't help to think of a dream Sam told me about the other day. It is probably just a sign that neither of us have been watching enough Fresh Prince and that we both want another episode where Carleton (C-note) and Will lie to Uncle Phil and Aunt Viviane and tell them they are going on a weekend school trip to San Francisco, when really they are going to go visit Jazz in Compton so Carleton (C-note) can prove that he is actually a 'brotha.' And ends up looking super ghetto. Pretty great.
I like it without the a....
In other news, Chloë and I have tricked our neighbors into thinking we have a cat and a dog named Ruffles.

Lucky for me, I get to go to VT on Thursday! Pretty amped for that six hour train ride. Now time to write a paper! xx

p.s. Thanks you Sophia for the Dress!

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