Sunday, October 18, 2009

A real revolution is 180º

Chloë and I went with Marquette to a party in the finical district. Because it was raining and it was cold and everyone in the city wanted a cab all at once, and no one will take five people in a cab. It was kind of a trek getting there. We even ended up taking the subway. While we were waiting for the subway, Chloë and I realized that this was the most true statement of the night and that we should write half of it on each of our hands so that if one of us got lost the other one would know that they wouldn't feel complete until they found the other half of the statement.
The highlight of the party was this kitty. It really knew what was up.
I feel like these four pictures tell the story of our night.
First we were tired but realized that we should go out:
Then we were tempted with stimulants, which we said NO to:
Soon after, we had to find a cab in the rain. We were frightened, wet, and cold (this picture also describes West 10, a kitty in a bag):
Once we were at our final destination, surrounded by people we didn't know, we left:
A real picture of us leaving:
The sandwich of the finical district:
Our cab ride home.
Now, back to work! xx

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  1. the leopard's fur is of Zara? because I have a very similar fur of zara and closely resembles the picture.



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