Saturday, October 24, 2009

Strange things will happen if you let them

The beginning of last night in pictures:
Somehow this:
Turned into this:
Which turned into this (this situation was actually NOT sexual at all... it looks very naughty to me. "Million Dollar Bill," the gay beat of the night and most likely the next two weeks, probably came on just before we took this picture and we all formed to this):
Matthew looks so dreamy to me here:
Thank you to Coco for taking all of the pictures!
And in the morning I just couldn't help to think of a dream Sam told me about the other day. It is probably just a sign that neither of us have been watching enough Fresh Prince and that we both want another episode where Carleton (C-note) and Will lie to Uncle Phil and Aunt Viviane and tell them they are going on a weekend school trip to San Francisco, when really they are going to go visit Jazz in Compton so Carleton (C-note) can prove that he is actually a 'brotha.' And ends up looking super ghetto. Pretty great.
I like it without the a....
In other news, Chloë and I have tricked our neighbors into thinking we have a cat and a dog named Ruffles.

Lucky for me, I get to go to VT on Thursday! Pretty amped for that six hour train ride. Now time to write a paper! xx

p.s. Thanks you Sophia for the Dress!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Sunday, October 18, 2009

A real revolution is 180º

Chloë and I went with Marquette to a party in the finical district. Because it was raining and it was cold and everyone in the city wanted a cab all at once, and no one will take five people in a cab. It was kind of a trek getting there. We even ended up taking the subway. While we were waiting for the subway, Chloë and I realized that this was the most true statement of the night and that we should write half of it on each of our hands so that if one of us got lost the other one would know that they wouldn't feel complete until they found the other half of the statement.
The highlight of the party was this kitty. It really knew what was up.
I feel like these four pictures tell the story of our night.
First we were tired but realized that we should go out:
Then we were tempted with stimulants, which we said NO to:
Soon after, we had to find a cab in the rain. We were frightened, wet, and cold (this picture also describes West 10, a kitty in a bag):
Once we were at our final destination, surrounded by people we didn't know, we left:
A real picture of us leaving:
The sandwich of the finical district:
Our cab ride home.
Now, back to work! xx

Sunday, October 11, 2009

I do try, you know I love to sing all your songs

Last night I went to Brooklyn to go see Danielle. I got to see Hillary too! Even Joe was there. It was almost like this picture, except Sam wasn't there and we all got split up. We went to Danielle's cousin's delightful apartment. I was even a little jealous about his backyard and fire pit. Danielle and I snuck off to snap some pictures. Too bad I wasn't able to get a picture of Danielle in this extremely cute new jacket she got... she ended up doing tradsies with her cousin's male roommate... I was surprised he could fit in the shoulders. Either way, he did and once he had it on it wasn't coming off until she left.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

It's personal

I stole these two pictures from Tyler. They are from a night last year. I love Sam's expression in this picture:
Recently I have been into the murder mystery 8 Femmes. I watch it way too much. I love Catherine Deneuve and Emmanuelle Beart in it the most. I love all of their clothes.

Lastly, One of the strangest iChat messages I have ever received:

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