Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Russian Dolls

I have not updated my blog in ages. I just have not had the time. Now that school has started I hope to get back into the swing of it.

Last Wednesday I left Vermont. I was not ready to go.

I ended up taking loads of long walks during the day by myself. I did not even take Axel after he got his cone off. I should have. Sorry Axel.
I love night time in the summer. It reminds me of taking baths when I was younger.

I ended up spending loads of time with Sam in his new apartment. Most of that time was spent on his porch/sunroom sort of thing(we named it the pavilion). We were lucky because we had loads of visitors, 'It's always sunny in Philadelphia' and 'Dexter' loaded to his computer, treats from the person who previously lived there, and we were able to have conversations through the wall with his neighbor's cat. Erin eventually ended up joining the party.

We listened to auto tuned songs and Sam's song 'I'm Crazy'. We also sang loads of songs:
We fought over the years that 'Home Alone' came out (while completely ignoring that the release date was on the box of the Talkboy... Actually, it was more of Sam and Erin fighting, I read the release date over and over until I thought to tell them), tried to remember if there was a girl's version of the Talkboy called the Talkgirl (that came in pink), and wished we had a tape inside of the Talkboy so we could record our conversations and slow down our voices:
We thought about loads of things and had tons of good conversations. I cannot remember what any of them were about.
And we looked out the window and watched people go by. This window reminds e of how Sam pretends he lives in the apartment over the garage from that horrible 80s/90s (?) movie The Crush:
When I got back to the city I had dinner with my father at the new Russian restaurant Mari Vanna. I loved it so much. I want my apartment to look like the inside. Maybe I want it to be my apartment. Either way I know I will be able to settle down somewhere when I find some place that makes me feel like I am at Mari Vanna.
We had such a big meal. I don't think I had more than a few bites of anything. I had:
Hachapuri (Georgian style cheese pie)

Borsch with pompushka (served warm)

Sosiski with mashed potato and green peas

Blinis served with sweetened condensed milk

My father had:

Herring with potatoes

Olivier -Russian potato salad with sage mayo and quail eggs

Beef stroganoff with buckwheat, and mushrooms with truffle oil

Bird milk Served with Mango Sauce

And we both had Oysters

Now school has started. It is fun but loads of work. Luckily I have Fresh Prince of Bel Air seasons 2 and 3 to watch!

I am happy I get to go back to Vermont soon! xx


  1. Love getting inside your head--so amusing!

  2. oh my goodness okay I have a laundry list of comments on this post....
    1. Axel should seriously consider modeling.
    2. Looking at the russian restaurant makes my heart feel like the inside of a kittten.
    3. The conversation (of ourreminiscing about our childhood glory days) we had in the pavillion probably made the top of my list of top best conversations all summer. I also laughed out loud when I read the part about the release date. Prime condition.
    And the Fresh Prince...could cure the mean reds with his eyes closed. Im so sleepy from pills/life so duerme bien cherie! xoxox

  3. p.s. come home soon the hills are not alive witout your music


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