Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Matryoshka dolls

This past weekend I was in Vermont. My father took me to Stowe.
On the way there we saw this mint green truck. I kind of want it. I can totally see Chloƫ and I riding around in that car.
Before dinner, Sam and I made a quick trip to the bayou (Aka his apartment).
After dinner we came back to his apartment with Erin. I looked through this book that used to belong to someone else.
Meanwhile, Sam read UVM's Alternative Newspaper (seha). I like how it says cat litter and lost in translation.
Sam fashioned a lamp shade out of a lampshade:
Somehow we all ended up wearing flannel, I tried on all of Sam's clothes, and I acted like a Matryoshka doll.

Sam we look great in this picture:
Sam and Dmitri forced me to listen to them play guitar like usual.
We asked some man to take our picture on the way to a really janky party. For some reason it was only 40 degrees out and the only way to keep warm was to wear all of Sam's flannel/clothes.

I refused to sit on Dmitri's handle bars so Sam did instead.
At this horrible party there were some super Bros. Dmitri and I decided to be sneaky and film them by tricking them into thinking they were getting their picture taken. We all helped with the process. Sam helped by acting like he wanted his picture taken with the bros. Dmitri directed the film by saying things like 'Bros act like bros!' while pretending to take their picture. I filmed. The bro's ignorance only helped us even more. Erin was talking to someone else?
And finally, Joseph's new plan, which he swears is going to be lucrative:
Vermont was loads of fun. Lucky for me I get to go back this weekend as well! xx

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  1. Hey Mare!!

    I just came across you blog and it is awesome! You seem very happy and like your days are full of splashing through puddles, as they should be. I started a blog this summer and its certainly an interesting look into people's lives. I've decided to feature you on my "blogs to love" list...because it should be! Also, I really like that truck. a lot.

    Julia Cox

    p.s. hey erin and sam!


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