Monday, September 28, 2009

As we came close from far, forgot about the war

The other night Danielle and I went out to dinner at Mari Vanna. Somehow a photo shoot happened. Here are two from the event:
Then on Friday night, my friend Joseph and I drove up to Vermont. Thank you Joseph for doing the driving. On the first day Erin, Joseph, and I snuck into Shelburne Farms by saying we had to take photographs for a school project.
Joseph does not like having his picture taken. Erin and I thought it was amusing to take pictures of him while he wasn't looking:
After Shelburne Farms we took Joseph to meet Sam and we all sat on the Bayou just like we usually do. On the second day Erin, Joseph and I stayed inside all day because it was raining. I felt bad that we weren't able to show him Vermont things. He still managed to get amped up on Vermont apple cider, which he swears is the best, and then pass out by 11 PM (we completely missed the season premier of Dexter, thank god for On Demand.. it is more natural that way anyways). The next day we drove home. We took a detour to the lake in Charlotte because it was finally sunny out. We took the wrong road the first time but found some horses to take pictures of. Joseph wasn't as excited about the horses as I was... he was probably making fun of me for it (really he was just being pouty because he had to drive the whole way home..... thank you again Joseph).
When we finally made it to the lake in Charlotte we ended up taking loads of pictures by the water.
I think Joseph looks Scandinavian here. He says he doesn't know what I mean by that but secretly I think he does.
We left the lake and before heading back to the city Joseph stopped to take some pictures of some cows. He swears he bonded with them.

Now I am back in the city. I miss Vermont already! xx

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