Monday, September 7, 2009

Labour day

This quote was staring at me for about an hour in my intro to design class the other day. For some reason someone thought it was okay to hang the most distracting quote in the front of an auditorium, poster size. I wish I had a picture of the poster so I could show you how distracting it really was. It was a pretty interesting class though. I was happy to hear that I will get to reread the Cyborg Manifesto!
In my type core studio class I wrote my teacher's name in cursive on the top of my paper. He walked by and saw it and now probably thinks I have a crush on him. Great. I really do like him as a teacher though.
We have to redesign two pages of a book for his class. I chose The Virgin Suicides. We Had to blow up the pages 200%. It made my printer have an anxiety attack, which gave me an anxiety attack as well. I ended up making it work though.
Today will be spent reading for class and trying to figure out coding. Now I am anxious about that. Sam made it worse by trying to explain time to me on the phone this morning during his routinely call to me from the library. These next two pictures show my setup for today. This includes: My bed. My cell phone. My computer. Two Vogues I cannot read until I finish my work. A pot of tea. Two moleskins. A ton of folders. A book that is too heavy to read. A document explaining something I hope to understand. Two pencil cases. Chloƫ and her Rpatz planner. And a bunch of other things.
Also, I took this picture of myself for you mum and dad. Don't you like how emotional it looks?

Lastly, I got to see Danielle finally! She even came to my apartment. I was pretty jealous to learn that she spent her weekend playing badminton. xx

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