Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Brooklyn tuesdays?

Last night I went over to Danielle's for a sleepover. We haven't been on a normal sleepover routine, we are trying to work this issue out. I cannot really explain this situation that is pictured below but I know it was tough for D.
Sophia's hot jacket:
Our trip to the grocery. We decided it was a great idea to go to the grocery. Many people talked to us on the way. We got asked things like: 'Do any of you have a cigarette?', 'Is that a camera case?' (By a man unlocking his Vespa, who Sophia swore was French) and 'Is that your dog locked up outside?' by three men (note: there was no dog locked up outside). This really kind of tripped us up.
Danielle and I got a little a wild outside.
Danielle's hot new haircut:
A postcard from China on Danielle's wall. I love it.
Danielle's room. More importantly, Danielle's grandpa duvet.
On a final note. I almost forgot about one of the creepiest things Joseph has ever said to me:
Now back to class. xx


  1. missshh you mare. You guys look like you're having fun, especially Danielle with her creamy yet light swiss cow cheese triangles. yeah. I know whats up. xoxo

  2. p.s. I think I already told you that I totally copied a post of yours for the sake of handing in my homework in 5 mins (creating a blog post in my multimedia class). Buttt i can delete it now if you want. It is a completely schwag version of yours, forgive me.


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