Saturday, August 15, 2009


When we first got to my Grandparent's cabin Sam was temperamental. He said he "needed an outlet."
Sam hates me:
We all went to dinner at this place called the Hermitage Inn. It was pretty subpar and filled with people from New York and Connecticut. Seems just the the Trapp Family Lodge.

My Grandparents:
Late night, there is not much to do. I ended up doing crossword puzzles with my grandmother... which I actually kind of enjoyed.

Breakfast and free Wifi. My Mother was happy to get on facebook. She told me my facebook picture looked a little gay. I know Mom.

Now it is 8 40 am. I guess things work differently here.... I got up at 6 30 am! I cannot remember the last time that happened. Now it is off to visit Marge in Brattleboro...which the waitress here called 'the big city!' xx


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