Sunday, August 9, 2009

I never should have asked, it was a long time ago

During Chloë's last days in Vermont some wild things happened (as they always do with Chloë). First off, Axel had to wear one of those cones around his head. Chloë and I thought it was a great idea one night to decorate the cone (not pictured).
Then we went to the mountains

We went to the Trapp Family Lodge for about five minutes. We got pretty creeped out once we discovered that even though the hills were alive with the sound of music, they were also alive with loads of tourists from Connecticut and New York. We all made the decision to just walk away and head elsewhere.
We ended up at the Alpine slide. Something I am not very Keen on. Chloë and my parents all went up while I just sat and watched them come down.
Later we went on a night time drive with my father. We ended up picking sunflowers.

We went to the lake. Wearing flannel. We somehow got super into wearing flannel the last couple of days. It largely had to do with the loads of mosquito bites we were getting.
We even went in the lake!

We both ended up taking pictures of these three old ladies who were swimming. Look at Chloë's phone background.
A day or so later we made pizza and green beans with almonds with my mother. We used fresh vegetables from the garden, which was super exciting for some reason.

Unfortunately, Chloë had to go home. I hope she has a wild time in Nashville though. We both needed some home time. I wish she was here to watch True Blood with us. I miss her loads. xx

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