Monday, July 27, 2009

I think it is pretty funny that there were this many pictures of Chloë and me on the Ruff club website. Messes in all of them haha. Chloë, I put them up here so you wouldn't have to spend time going through the annoying new website setup. You still should though, just so you can see pictures of the girl who you called out on pretending to know French.
Not quite sure about who the girl in the glasses is. I have no recollection of her name or us taking this picture. My grandmother looked at this and said 'That girl in the pink blazer is so precious looking!' I told her it was Sarah and that I agreed. My grandmother also asked me why my roots were so horrible looking.
The night where Ryan and Sam came....the night Ryan and I sat in two chairs.... which Chloë later dubbed with the name prostibooth.
'Why are your eyes so open?!'-Grandmother:
Our homeboy Felipe's favorite shot of the night. Hey Felipe, want to fb chat later with me? That would be SO boss dj. SE HA.
Going over these pictures with my grandmother on the ruff club website she kept saying things like...'Is he gay?... HA look at how straight he is. OH that is Chloë?! Wait bring up this picture, that man looks attractive....wait, never mind, Sam is much better looking'

She paused and then continued to say:

'How can there be a god? People locking their kids in their cars and forgetting them in the heat in Florida. If I was a god and I was SO wonderful why would I be letting these awful things happen...what for? A learning experience?'... She then looked at the wall and asked 'why are the pictures so crooked, I am always straightening them.' - Ruff club makes me feel the same way.

It is nice to be home though! So excited to see Chloë!

In other news, my cousin just went into labor. I should be excited but I am actually pretty weirded out. I wish Chloë was here to help me through this. I hope her birthday was wild! I feel bad I was not there for it. xx

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