Friday, July 31, 2009

Bro and arrow

This is what has been happening in Vermont:

My cousin Jessica had a baby. Sam had 'baby fever' as he calls it:
The view from the hospital nursery window:
We then went to Shelburn Farms and saw loads of kids riding bikes.... which we found amusing:

I learned that Sam does not like backing up in this spot because one time his teacher hit a tree:
Then Chloƫ came and I learned that uneven headrests make her super uncomfortable:
We went to the beach with Sam and his super bro friends:

Then we all went downtown for some only okay times. We DID have fun in the office though:

A picture of my brother and my semi brothers from growing up Abe and Dmitri:

Sam and Dmitri at the jankest party in the world:


  1. looks like your summer has been amazing cant wait to see you back in the city


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