Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Age of consent

This is what has been going on at 

Sam and I found this pretty great ride right outside of Hudson Mews (my new favorite apartment building). We wanted to take a picture with it because we never had one of these when we were younger. Because the sign said 'NO STANDING' Sam thought it would be better if he was casually walking by when I was taking the picture. 
So many lies here in NYC.
I have been learning life lessons from Sam's t-shirts.

Crafting time:
Some downtime. 

Mornings on the fire escape.
I am posting from my apartment. FINALLY we have internet and cable! No more stealing dlink from outside the window! Now I am just waiting for Chloë. Sunday! 

Ps where in the world is Danielle?! It is not as much fun stealing your fonts when I know you cannot see them. 

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