Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Things i like in alphabetical order

A is for Antiques:

B is for beds:

C is for Chloë:
D is for Decorating magazines:
E is for Early mornings in bed:
F is for Frivolity:

G is for Going to Danielle's house:

H is for Hermès leather bracelets :

I is for Ingénues:
J is for Juice:

K is for Kittens:

L is for Leica cameras:

M is for Matryoshka Dolls:

N is for Nouvelle Vague:
O is for Oxfords:
P is for Polyhedrons:
Q is for Queens:

R is for Rainy days:
S is for Stockings:
T is for Tyler:

and Tiny houses:

U is for Umbrellas:

V is for Vacation:
W is for Window watching:
X is for Xeroxes:
Y is for You:

Thanks to Danielle for the first picture


  1. Cool post dear i love your creative little blog

    you coming over for cinco de mayo?

  2. love this, especially "B"


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