Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Met Gala

So if you have not seen pictures from the Met Gala (The Costume Institute Gala ...or as Amy calls it: Prom for famous people), which was hosted by Kate Moss and Marc Jacobs (perfect, no?), then I suggest you do. I was somehow impossibly late at knowing when they were up so when Amy told me in 2d she had already seen them on I practically had an anxiety attack and made her go through them with me. She already has pictures from the ball on her blog. You should look at them DIRECT! I will just leave you with a picture of the hosts. I do not know how I feel about the way Kate is dressed, maybe it is the zebra print stairs. xx

Go look at for the unabridged version!
Go look at Amy's blog for a shortened, more to the point, without all the random people you only kind of know version! 

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