Monday, May 4, 2009

Brooklyn Sunday?

Danielle's version of the dance movie Tyler and I made is better. Maybe she will post it.

1. Beaded tops
2. More Swiss medicine 
3. Dancing with Tyler
4. Danny's Indian fantasy
5. Sophia's body drawings
6. Drawing Danielle's baby sitting nightmares
7. Telling Danielle she smells good and then realizing I am smelling Reece
8. Having deep talks with Sophia about the universe 
9. Impressionists
10. Trying on Leighanna's sexy top... you were asleep!
11. Staying up till 5:45 am after eating charms (and having the toy fall into my milk)
12. Danielle's grandpa duvet

1. No salmon sandwiches 
2. Canceling plans 


  1. eh hem I think you need to mention the choreography credits on the dance. baha


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