Friday, May 22, 2009

A beautiful escape

In the new Hermès magazine thing that came out, which was completely shot by Tim Walker, I read something that made me feel better about being home: 

"Over to you.... Marc Augé 

A BEAUTIFUL ESCAPE is not a weekend in the country, a package tour to Mexico or a cruise in the Caribbean, but the possibility of all those things, or even the chance of some much less spectacular adventure that, if close to hand, is unforeseen, an impromptu act undertaken with all the irresponsibility of improvisation. Getting away, that's the important thing. it excludes any idea of meticulous preparation, programming or organization. To escape is to flee to ordinariness of days, the weight of habit; it is to sever with day-out. Humans need to be sure that in case of necessity (desire in camouflage) they can get out and head off in search of themselves. "

And my new hair:

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